iMessage is a service for messaging developed by Apple. With it, you can send/receive text messages of unlimited length, videos, photos, geolocation marks, and your contacts. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and even Mac users have access to this service.
To use iMessage on your iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, all you need is a valid Apple ID. In order to use this service on iPhone, you need a valid Apple ID or phone number.

It is hardly possible to argue that iMessage is a very convenient and popular service that allows Apple gadget owners to save a buck on sending messages. But while most of its competitors (for instance, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) allow their users to communicate via almost any device, iMessage is only available on iOS and macOS.

On the other hand, judging from the iMessage’s ease-of-use and its popularity, it’s not strange that users of devices working under operating systems other than iOS or macOS are wondering if they can use the iMessage service for, say, PC? In this article, we will try to figure out whether this is possible or not.

How to Run iMessage on Windows

Today, the question whether it is possible to use iMessage on a PC is not uncommon on the Internet. Some argue that it is impossible, and if you have a PC running on Windows or Linux, or a mobile device on Android or Windows, you’ll have to search for alternatives. Other users claim that there are some options to run iMessage on PC after all.

To solve this problem out, one can turn to Remote Messages service. With it, you can send/receive iMessage and text messages from any gadget and in any browser. Whether it’s Windows or Linux, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer –messaging is available everywhere.

There are just two catches with Remote Messages:

  1. It only works with iOS 9 and earlier. Up to date, there is no way to use iMessage on PC if you’re operation iOS 10 or iOS 11.
  2. You will have to jailbreak your mobile Apple device.

Remote Messages: How it works?

The developers of the service claim that despite the fact that it needs a jailbreak, Remote Messages’ work is stable, and communicating with friends in the browser feels as comfortable as when doing the same on iPhone or iPad. With the help of Remote Messages, you can send/receive iMessage and SMS, attachments, drafts, emozzi, etc. The service also supports search in messages, notifies that the other person is typing, and provides access to photos in the smartphone gallery. Besides, you can vary the themes, view contacts on the smartphone and even monitor the charge of the battery and the signal level.

Service almost doesn’t affect the battery of the device and synchronizes messages with the browser in a timely manner. This program is a true discovery for those who still use iOS 9, who are not afraid to jailbreak the device and who would like to send messages from a PC without having to constantly switch between devices.


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