Boot Camp is a native macOS utility mainly used for running multiple operating systems. Despite the regular application status, removing a Boot Camp partition is nothing similar to deleting a regular Mac app. You can erase unwanted partition with the help of Boot Camp Assistant or Mac’s very own Disk Utility. Read on for detailed instructions on how to do that and, while you’re at it, you can free up even more space on your drive using MacFly Pro.

Why in the world would anyone want to install Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 on Apple computer when it has its native Mac OS X or macOS? The point is you can access Windows software like Internet Explorer only once you install this operating system on your Apple device. “How can I get Microsoft products for my MacBook Pro or Mac mini?” It is not a rare question even among those who prefer working with Apple only. Perhaps, you have heard about the special utility called Boot Camp. It is used to run two operating systems at the same time.

remove Windows from Mac

While you may need a second system just for several purposes, you can without hesitation erase Windows and delete Bootcamp from your hard drive once you are done. If you can’t or don’t know how to uninstall them completely, the guide below will show you the way out.

A Boot Camp method is one of the most popular approaches to setting up Windows on Macs. This utility does not simply allow installing the latest operating system from Microsoft on the Apple computer. It also makes it possible to dual-boot between the two partitions. From one side, it may be useful if you wish to play games compatible only with Windows. However, once you’ve accomplished the task, it might be a smart idea to get rid of the second operating system.

How to Delete BootCamp Partition and Windows OS on Mac?

removing bootcamp

Originally, BootCamp arrives with your Mac, as reported by the official Apple’s resource. Thus, Apple realizes its users may want to install Windows OS on your hard drive for some reasons, and they make the life easier by offering such utility. However, if you don’t need it at all, you may ask, “How do I remove the unnecessary software?” Some people wind up formatting the Macintosh HD or external hard drive and recovering from a Time Machine backup. But it is way easier to erase just the Windows Boot Camp partition, leaving the native operating system untouched.

uninstall BootCamp services

Start with rebooting your Apple computer into macOS.

  1. Hold down the Option button and choose your hard drive.
  2. Launch Boot Camp Assistant. It’s in the Utilities folder from Applications.
  3. Pick Continue and put a checkmark next to the Install or remove Windows 7 or later version. Leave the rest of the boxes unchecked.
  4. Select Restore disk to a single Mac OS partition. Push the Continue button once more.
  5. Verify the modifications in the Restore Disk window. Pick Restore to begin the deletion.
  6. Once you are done, shut down the Boot Camp Assistant tool.

That is how a user can uninstall the partition with the help of Boot Camp Assistant on MacBook Pro or any other Apple computer. Some errors may still occur, and the next part explains the potential causes.

Obstacles You May Face When Trying to Erase Boot Camp-Services

Many reasons exist why a Mac owner may be unable to uninstall all Boot Camp-services from the very beginning. You should still try each of the recommended methods as the leftovers may lead to some issues in the future. You will be amazed how fast your machine may become without those useless files.

Anyway, here is a list of typical problems users face when attempting to delete BootCamp services:

  • A user lacks access to eliminate the services.
  • It is impossible to launch the file necessary to start the procedure.
  • Boot Camp-services are absent in the expected folder.
  • A mistake took place. The system failed to erase all of the files.
  • A different process that is using the required file prevents the services from being deleted.
  • The items related to BootCamp are present on the hard disk even after the uninstallation.

Some other problems may also show up, but these are the most common. Do not worry – at least one of the deletion methods listed in this guide should help!

How to Remove BootCamp Partition Using Disk Utility?

“Are there any other ways to remove BootCamp partition from my disk?” What if you can’t resize or erase Boot Camp partition using the Boot Camp Assistant tool? What if some of the necessary buttons are grayed out, or another error shows up? If you choose BootCamp partition to boot to the Windows operating system, you may notice a drop in speed of work due to the fact the second system requires plenty of OS X resources. Thus, it makes sense to get rid of this program along with the OS released by Microsoft. To reinstall the operating system, make Boot Camp bootable, or, vice versa, erase it, one can use Mac’s built-in tool called Disk Utility. In case you merge any partitions, be ready that the entire data will be gone after you remove one of them. Start mastering your Disk Utility opportunities now!

remove disk partition

  1. Move to the Disk
  2. Choose Windows Partition.
  3. Pick Erase and choose it to be formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
  4. Delete the partition.

If you wish to come up with a single, full partition again, continue with the offered steps:

  1. After that, choose the Complete Disk (Not Partitioned).
  2. It is time to choose Partition.
  3. Pick the newly Formatted Windows partition and push the minus button to eliminate the partition.
  4. Choose the primary partition, and enter the Disk’s full size to the right and choose Enter.
  5. Once the tool is done with resizing, a user should have a single, complete partition.

Uninstall Boot Camp Services with the Help of Special Tools

“Can I uninstall Boot Camp completely as some files associated with this utility are still left after the ordinary removal?” Many Mac owners wonder how to eliminate the program’s support software as well to make the device fast again. In the previous section, discover common reasons why some users can’t get rid of the Boot Camp-services entirely. No matter whether you run Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, at least one of the offered ways to remove the utility from your computer’s drivers should work. No matter whether you use MacBook Pro or another model of Apple computer, start with backing up with Time Machine.

Instead of the method described in the previous section, one may use a special Microsoft’s tool called Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter or a third-party cleaner for Mac. You may use the official program to erase the app once and forever or upgrade to the fifth version of Bootcamp. Try these techniques in case it is impossible to delete the fourth version of the program by choosing Uninstall in the Control Panel.

As for the third-party cleaning software, it is a great option for Mac owners who wish to clean their computers globally, without leaving any sign of junk. Except for uninstalling various applications like Boot Camp thanks to the inserted app uninstallers, such cleaners may take care of the rest of the useless items such as duplicates, temporary files, login/startup items, and so much more.


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